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My name is Karie, I am a massage therapist. I always sleep on my side. I use multiple pillows to support my body. My wake-up multiple times during the night due to losing my pillows. I spend time to find and adjust the pillow to support my body. I had the luxury to try the Hippillow and I was amazed that I was able to adjust it to fit my body and the adjustable straps kept the pillows supporting my body all night.

Karie B

Having some sleep problems, myself, I was excited to try these pillows. I have heard often from health tips that a pillow between your knees prevent your upper leg from pulling your spine out of alignment and reduce stress on your hips and lower back. It is safe to say that these pillows did just that. Having two other pillows supported me from both sides while the third pillow at the base provided extra support for my hip and relieved tension in my lower back. Not to mention that the pillows and covers are luxurious and firmness is just perfect, soft and moldable.

Mark H

My favorite feature is the pillow that goes between your knees. It is so amazing that when you turn over it stays with you! Previously, with the body pillow I was using,
I had to turn over, lift up the blankets, and drag the whole body pillow over to the other side, then rearrange it before I can rest again. But using this
pillow means you can just turn over naturally and the knee pillow comes with you! It's much more likely to keep you in proper alignment throughout the night.

Also, the pillow that goes between your knees is the perfect
thickness. It is thick enough to keep your hips in alignment, but thin enough to not overcompensate.

This pillow really reminds me of how in a Yin Yoga class you use bolsters to support every part of your body, and just how relaxing
Yin Yoga is. This pillow
is kind of like a bunch of bolsters holding you up in a good position so your body doesn't have to do that work and can fully relax.

The pillow really helped me avoid sleeping in the frog position, or the ballet dancer position, which is when you're sort of sleeping 1/2 on your stomach with a knee
up. The side pillows subtly stop you from rolling over to your stomach.

I think the reason we end up sleeping in funny positions like the frog is because our bodies need to fully relax in order to sleep, so we want to feel supported. That's why my shoulders will fall over, or my knee will come up. But those positions that feel comfortable at first can lead to major issues
of alignment, strain, and aches and pains. So, this pillow helps by
supporting your body in those places that it needs in order to
relax, while keeping you in good alignment.

It's incredibly
supportive and comforting. I will definitely suggest using it to help with overall alignment at night, which will set you up for more success during the day.

Jess A S