Great for Travel☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️
Hippilow, included with a carrier is great for travel. Pillows in vacation rentals are generally bad, so it is nice to travel with your bed accessories for a good sleep.
Worth the money☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️
When I slept on my side, it pulled at my back muscle and i suffered from pain all day. Since I started using this pillow. My pain has reduced tremendously.. I recommend it if you are a side sleeper. Price is worth the sleep pain-free days. Thank you!

😴😴Why Good Sleep is Essential?

Physical restoration and healing, Energy Conservation, Cognitive function and memory, emotional
regulations, hormonal regulations, immune system support, cardiovascular health,
brain detoxification, hormone regulations, cellular repair maintenance. 😴😴

😴😴Why use Toxin free, 100% natural latex pillows?

Support and comfort, Hypoallergenic Properties, Durability, Breathability, Environmental
considerations, Toxin-free, Longevity, Motion Isolation.😴😴

Why use 100% toxin free natural latex?

  • Pregnant women

    HipPillowPlus Pregnancy pillow provides front and back support to side and back sleepers.
  • After body and facial surgery

    HipPillowPlus is an excellent body pillow to use for support while healing after a surgery. It will hold you in and protect your raw areas while healing. It protect your skin from wrinkling.
  • Body aches and pains

    HipPillowplus helps side sleepers who suffer from shoulder, back, hip and knee pain. It keeps the body from overstretching the muscles.

Why use a Front Pillow?

Front pillow keeps you from sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on the stomach can cause, neck and back pain, digestive problems, facial wrinkles, numbness and tingling and poor quality of sleep.

Boost your sleep now!

We don't want to brag, let the pillows talk!

Why use a Back Pillow?

The back pillow supports your body while sleeping on the back. Sleeping on your back can cause snoring, Sleep apnea, acid reflux, sleep paralysis, back pain and poor circulation.

Boost your sleep now!

We don't want to brag, let the pillows talk!

Knee pillow

Why use a Knee Pillow?

The free flowing knee pillow supports your knees, Knee pillow helps to align the spine, Reduced pain, improved circulation, better sleep quality, reduced snoring, and improved recovery.

Boost your sleep now!

We don't want to brag, let the pillows talk!