How do I know if the HipPillowPlus Sleep System is right for me? In our ‘How to use HPP SleepSystem’ video, we will show you how to use the system together and use it. If it is something that you feel you can benefit from- then the HPP Sleep System is for you.


1. I slept on my HipPillowPlus for the first time and I was a little uncomfortable.

If we quit sugar, it's not easy. Same with quitting bad sleeping habits. Focus on the benefits once you realize the benefits of restful sleep without the pain.

We have noticed that most of our customers get immediate benefit after switching to a product designed specifically for side sleeping, some find it takes some getting used to. We usually recommend trying a product for about two weeks to get used to the size, shape and support.
We know that side sleepers have been so abandoned by the sleep industry many of us have formed some bad patterns that may take some time to break.

2. I have a bad neck/back/shoulder/hips and knees hurt when I sleep on my side. I thought the HipPillowPlus Sleep System was supposed to fix that.

It is... The problem could be that you haven’t been using it properly. Please watch our ‘how to use HipPillowPlus Sleep System’ video and adjust it according to your needs. Feel free to email us with specific questions at hello@hippillowplus.com. We are here to help you find probable solutions….

3. I am very tall/short/small/large and the HPP Sleep System is not working.
Everybody is different and there are lots of factors to using the HipPillowPlus Sleep System.

We designed the HPP Sleep System to be adjustable, to fit all shapes and sizes. Please refer to our ‘How to use HPP Sleep System’ video or email us with specific questions for us to find a solution for you.

4. Why is  HipPillowPlus so expensive?

Porsche costs more than Ford. It's the quality of the product. We didn't leave any stoned unturned when shopping for the materials for our HipPillowPlus body pillow system. We only used the highest quality and non toxic 100% natural latex for the core and bamboo removable, washable pillowcases. We will be able to bring the prices down a once we start buying higher quantity directly from the manufacturer. Our product is also made in Canada and Latex is manufactured in USA.

Why use Toxin free, 100% natural latex pillows?

5. Support and comfort, Hypoallergenic Properties, Durability, Breathability, Environmental
considerations, Toxin-free, Longevity, Motion Isolation.

6. I have a latex allergy.

Latex Pillows Don’t Normally Cause Allergies
Fortunately, bedding products made of latex do not cause allergic reactions. Latex pillows are usually made out of Dunlop and Talalay latex. These are different from the rubber used in other medical or household products. The natural latex used to make pillows is heavily washed and cleaned to remove all the hevea proteins. The latex gel is also flash-heated into a solid form that further eliminates the remaining proteins. Also, you do not come in direct contact with the latex material inside the pillow, which makes them even safer to use without the fear of latex allergy.
Note: If you have been diagnosed as sensitive to latex allergies and/or have experienced severe latex allergy before, you should avoid latex pillows or consult your doctor before considering them.


How could it get even 'better?

Our HPP Sleep System allows support for side sleepers to take the pressure off the joints, aligns the spine and knee attachment supports the knees while you sleep.


How could it get even 'better?

Our HPP Sleep System provides support for pre and post pregnancy for mothers.


How could it get even 'better? Our

HPP Sleep System keeps the body from falling on the back to keep sleep Apnea sufferers on their side.


How could it get even 'better?

Our HPP Sleep System is a perfect pillow provides support while healing after a surgery. It takes the weight and pressure off the healing areas.


How could it get even 'better?

Our HPP Sleep System is adjustable to fit all shapes and sizes.


How could it get even 'better?

Our HPP Sleep System is multi-functional. It supports multiple areas, shoulders, back,  hip, knees and more...


How could it get even 'better?

Our HPP Sleep System comes in a travel bag. It is compact enough to be carried with you while traveling.

Email us with any other questions at hell0@hippillowplus.com