Benefits of Sleeping On Your Side

Benefits of Sleeping On Your Side

Benefits of Sleeping On Your Side

Research shows that there are multiple benefits to sleeping on your side.

Back Pain Relief

So many of us live with chronic pain in the lower back region and more.  Some of this pain is caused by sleeping in the wrong position, for example on your stomach, can increase the amount of pressure on your spine and lead to pain upon waking. Switching to side sleeping can relieve that pain.

Reduced Risk of Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring is common when people sleep on their backs instead of their sides. When you sleep on your back, it is easier for your tongue to fall back into your throat, creating an obstruction that can result in snoring.

When you sleep on your side, your airway stays open, so you can breathe easier. For this reason, physicians recommend people with sleep apnea a serious sleep-related breathing disorder, sleep on their side to help relieve symptoms.

Improved Gut Health

Your sleeping position influences how well your digestive system functions, and gas does not clear your system as quickly when you lie on your back. People who are experiencing heartburn, constipation, bloating, or other gastrointestinal issues may feel relief if they sleep on their side.

Improved Brain Health

Your brain cleans itself out throughout the day and night, but it does most of this important work at night while we sleep. Researchers analyzed whether your sleep position affects your brain’s efficiency in waste removal, and the side sleeping position allows for faster waste removal than either the stomach or back sleeping positions.

Healthier Pregnancy

For pregnant women, side sleeping is recommended and ideal, because it is easier for the heart to pump blood through the body in this position. Side sleeping also prevents the baby from putting too much pressure on the vein that carries blood back from the mother’s legs to their heart. Side sleeping is considered safer during pregnancy, since back sleeping is associated with an increased risk of late stillbirth in some studies.

Side sleeping has many benefits and HipPillowPlus gives you the comfort you need and sleep you deserves to get the best sleep. It takes the pressure off of your neck, shoulder, back, hip and knees.

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