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It will cradle your body all night long.

A natural, sustainable, biodegradable, multifunctional, adjustable, and compact body-pillow comes in a travel bag for an easy storage.

 A body pillow you need now for the best sleep of your life. 

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All the busy professionals……. And you!

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Sleep is essential part of mental and physical health. Getting the required sleep without depending on sleeping aids is vital due to the damage it can cause instead of the cell regeneration during sleep. HipPillowPlus  is the only natural and cooling body pillow that will provide the best support without sinking deep while you sleep. Good sleep means waking up regenerated to take on the beautiful day to enjoy your life with your family and friends. Who doesn’t want that?

HipPillowPlus body pillow is a natural, multifunctional, adjustable, it comes in a compact travel bag for easy storage.  Used for Chronic pain, Need support while sleeping, Restless legs, sweating during sleep, tiredness, Depression/anxiety due to lack of sleep, healing from surgery, Sleepless nights, Decreased productivity, Waking up foggy/lack of focus/lack of energy, Weak immunity, no chemicals.