HipPillow Plus Grand Opening.

HipPillow Plus Grand Opening.

Media Contact  Satie Shottha

Business Name: HipPillow Plus

Contact Person: Satie Shottha

Email: Satie@hippillowplus.com

Website: www.hippillowplus.com

City : Vancouver

State : BC

Country: Canada


Adjustable, multi-functional, and compact Body Pillow “HipPillow Plus” is set to launch on June 1st


Summary: HipPillow Plus is an adjustable multi-functional body pillow with a patented design that provides your body with the best sleep it deserves.


A unique multi-functional body pillow that cradles your body while you sleep, It takes the pressure off your joints and aligns your spine. Our Natural, compact, adjustable, and multi-functional body pillow (HipPillow Plus) will be launched on June 1st.


The journey of this company began in 2017 when the founder of HipPillow Plus got into a car accident. Being a side sleeper, she had sleepless nights due to pain in her neck, shoulder, back, hip and knees. But after the car accident, the pain got worse.  She couldn’t afford to lay in pain any longer. She tried multiple pillows that were available on the market, but nothing helped. She decided to design her own. And this led to the birth of HipPillow Plus.


HipPillow Plus is a set of four pillows that create a body pillow for the best sleep that your body deserves.


Some of the unique features of this body pillow are:


  1. Natural latex foam fill
  2. Removable and washable bamboo covers
  3. Antifungal and antibacterial
  4. Multifunctional
  5. Adjustable to fit your body
  6. Compact, comes in a travel bag.


Founder of HipPillow Plus said, “I began asking my friends and family if they had sleepless nights due to pain? Would a pillow help? If yes, what do they want in a pillow? People wanted a compact, adjustable, and multifunctional pillow made with high quality materials. It took couple years to perfect the prototype. She worked on it during the pandemic. Finally, the hard work is paying off. We are launching the HipPillow Plus on June 1st.



This body pillow is ideal for:

-Side sleepers

- Pregnant women

- Sleep Apnea

- Individuals with back, neck, knee, joint, or hip pains


The company aims to provide the best sleep your body deserves. The makers are confident that once people sleep with HipPillow Plus, no other pillow will do justice.


Talking to the media the founder of the company shared his story of founding HipPillow Plus After experiencing sleepless nights. I decided to create a pillow for myself. Pillow that worked to provide me restful sleep. I decided to do some research. I learned that people wanted a compact, adjustable, multi-functional, and natural pillow that would cradle the body to provide the best sleep. HipPillow Plus is beginning to become a big deal because of its amazing ergonomic support. Our goal is to provide you with the best sleep your body deserves.


For more details, visit www.hippillowplus.com

Instagram- @Hippillow

Facebook- @hippillow

Tiktok- @hippillow

Youtube- @hippillowplus



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